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With Thanksgiving just a couple days away, I’d love to take this week’s blog post to express my personal thanksgiving to the people in my life and in my business. I’m going to try not to make it sound too much like an acceptance speech of an Oscar, but I do feel pretty lucky and happy to close this year out, so you know, it might sound similar! So here it goes…


I am thankful for my Savior. I pray almost every time I have a potential client meeting, and every time I begin working day of a wedding! I can feel when he helps me and when I need to lean on him for courage, strength, and guidance to do my job the best that I know how. Every Time! I know that I would not have been able to get through a couple weddings without his angels holding me up till the very end. This year’s longest wedding day was 18 hours, and yes, I was working for all of that! A person doesn’t just do that, and then make the drive home safely without being watched out for by a higher power!


My husband! This guy is amazing!!! He is my rock, and my motivation when I need an outside source. Knowing that he supports me and my dreams is incredibly meaningful to me. He has learned (I’ve taught him, let’s be honest) to listen to my rants and venting sessions when I just need to get out the anger and stress of life. He doesn’t judge me for my sailor’s mouth in those moments of furry, and he doesn’t try to fix the issue for me. He knows how important it is to me to be able to solve problems on my own, and he is there in a heartbeat when I truly need help. He is an amazing dad to our child, and is always willing to distract her when I need work at home and I love him more and more each day!



I’m thankful for my daughter Addison, and for the blessing of being a mother. And even though she is currently having her 10th temper tantrum today because she is 3 and that’s what she does, I love her to infinity and beyond! Being able to run my business from home has been a huge blessing to my family. It means I get to check emails all day long, while I play with her at the park or take her to her gymnastics classes. And even though it’s not a conventional work place, I get the work done and she gets to watch me do it! I hope I’m an inspiration to her! I’m able to teach her by example how to work hard and be independent (even though she needs no help with this character trait).

Pages Photography-3817


I’d like to thank all My Clients from this year! Everyone that I was blessed to work with this year were AMAZING couples with great hearts! I feel so lucky, and a little spoiled by the great people that I got to help this year. I only had a few full planning clients this year, but I was so grateful to each of them. I love being able to work with couples for a long period of time, and getting to know them! Even some of my Day of clients I was able to get to know very well, in the short time we worked together, and it’s been great being able to keep up with them on social media. I have great expectations and hopes for next year!


I’m thankful for all the wonderful vendors that I’ve had the privilege of meeting this year. I’ve stepped up my networking this year, and man has it paid off! We have a really wonderful community of wedding vendors in San Diego. Almost everyone I meet is excited to get know other vendors, and there are groups that get together regularly to help each other, lend advice, and collaborate and share talents.



I am SO thankful for my team! You ladies rock my socks, and you know it! This year was a big year for my type a, super independent personality! I took on my first “official” employee, Lahren! We’ve been best friends since high school, and when I started this thing 5 years ago, she was first in line to offer her help. Lucky for me, she’s a natural! And so taking on my first employee was as easy as it could be, because I trust her with my life! Then, I decided to hire a few interns to help with the busy season. And I had to let go just a little bit more control! Again, being the luckiest person in the world, I had nothing to worry about. All three of these girls understood the importance of maintaining a certain standard, and continuing to present the brand that I had built. Without these ladies, this year would have been chaos! I am extremely blessed to have such great support and be surrounded by people I can trust!

To everyone else, my family and friends… Thank you! Your support means the world to me! From being able to watch Addy at the last minute so I could bolt to a meeting, to cooking my family meals when I was sick, and making sure to always like my endless posts about weddings on Facebook, you guys are all amazing! Thank you so much for everything!!!

<3 Juliette

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Wondering how you are going to decorate your wedding tables? Unsure about what style best fits your own style and personality? Look no further! Here are 5 fun and easy ways to execute the look you have been dreaming of. Enjoy!


1. Modern

  • A modern wedding celebration should scream “right now!” Sleek lines, dramatic up lighting, and décor dripping in crystals are all staples at contemporary weddings.
  • Being clean, crisp, and contemporary is the goal.
  • Ghost chairs are a very popular choice to complete the table look.
  • Glittery lights, urban details and sophisticated charms. Fashion-forward style!
  • Fun patterns, textures and unexpected color combinations will keep this wedding style fresh, current, and chic.
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Mango Studios, Perez Photography, & Ben Q Photography


2. Rustic

  • Lots of wood!
  • It would not be a rustic wedding without those good ol’ mason jars (scattered everywhere).
  • Vintage furniture: Farm tables, benches, and mix matched chairs.
  • Colorful flowers In various style vases/bottles
  • Burlap table runners
  • Lanterns and candles make good centerpieces.
  • Vintage flatware, plates, and glasses!
  • The key to a rustic style wedding is balance. Don’t go too crazy with the décor. Make sure the table is cohesive and not too crowded because, well, people still need to eat on it.
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Ashley Whitlow Photography; Heather Durham Photography


3. Glamorous

  • Glitz, & glam is the goal.
  • Sequins, jewels, gold, silver, pearls, and crystals galore!
  • When it comes to flowers, it is all about quality. Don’t stick to one kind of bloom either!
  • Heavy fabrics like velvet, silk, and sequins
  • Ornate flatware, candelabras, chargers, and goblets to complete the look.
  • But please do NOT overdo it with the bling! Being elegant, tasteful, and modest is key to executing this glamorous look.
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Kristyn Hogan & Justin and Mary Photography


4. Simple

  • Low-key, minimal, and less about the décor and more about the love.
  • Perfect for those that want to save money and keep a clean look.
  • Use tea light candles in simple votives, jars filled with minimal flowers, succulents, and clean and simple table linens.
  • DIY will be your best friend to achieve this look.
  • Keep the flatware and dinnerware simple. No crazy and loud designs. Clear plastic plates are perfect for this look.
  • Lastly, do not put any unnecessary décor on the table. Simplicity is the obvious goal so stick to minimal décor on the table.
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Park Road Photography by Sarah Elle & Brooke Boling


5. Themed

  • When you pick a theme, stick to it and do not venture out. The goal is to be cohesive and not over done. Remember, your wedding is not about the theme that you choose, it’s about you and your fiance. If the theme overshadows that, then it’s overdone.
  • The colors you choose play a huge part in executing your desired theme.
  • Picking the right venue for your themes is important because it will help tie the whole wedding together.
  • A themed wedding can look beautiful but it may also appear a little overworked or contrived. So be careful with the décor and make sure there is a reason and meaning behind each aspect.
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Jagger Photography, Marianne Wilson Photography, & Williams-Sonoma Blog

I hope these 5 styles have inspired you and have given you some tips you can use for your big day. Remember your wedding should be about you and your fiance, so just choose the style that is the best reflection of you! Good luck and Plan on!



*The images used in this post were found on various other blogs and Pinterest. The photographers have been credited below each photo. The title images were selected from past weddings of Simply Elegant Weddings.

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Even though winters in San Diego are hardly comparable to winters everywhere else, it still can get rather chilly (for us) here at night. And although it’s tempting to ditch your outside wedding dreams and head for the refuge of an indoor venue, you should probably check out these adorable outside wedding ideas first. Below, I’ve listed the must haves to keep your guests just as warm and cozy as if they were inside a boring ballroom!


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Must haves for an awesome outdoor winter wedding party:

1. a tent- they come in all shapes, sizes, and colors

2. heaters- rent some heaters from your event rental company. Wondering how many heaters to order? 1 patio heater per every 2-4 tables (depending on how cold it will be)

3. blanket favors- cause their just so darn cute and appreciated by guests

4. real candles on the tables- candles can give off some serious warmth, especially when there are a lot of them clumped together.

5. wooden tables and lots of fabric accents- this design combination screams warmth

6. serve HOT drinks. Obviously, you’ll still want to have a standard bar. But maybe after dinner, you put away the cold beer and wine, and opt for spiked coffee drinks, hot toddy’s, and a specialty hot cocoa bar!

7. if you decide on an (outside the tent) lounge area- first of all, that is highly encouraged! second, add a campfire instead of a coffee table and maybe even a telescope so your guests can star gaze while they snuggle (it doesn’t get more romantic than that!)

So before you head inside, think of all the amazing possibilities! As long as you’re realistic about the temperature in January, your guests can still have a great time, being warm and enjoying your wedding!

I’d love to hear your ideas, please comment below or send me an email at

And as always, Happy Planning 🙂


The collage at the top is an inspiration board, made of ideas from other blogs, sites, and vendors. Credits on the photos used in the collage: From right to left, top to bottom-,,,,,,,,,,

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Ever since starting my own wedding planning business, there has been one priority that consistently tops all the rest. And that has been to maintain a great reputation, both word of mouth and online! I treat my clients with the greatest amount of care, support, and respect because I care about them and want their wedding to be the best day of their lives! I know that it will only take one bad reference to taint the brand that I have built from the ground up. I don’t screw up, because I know that if I do it could easily end up on Social Media, yelp, etc. I use this mind set as a way to check myself! Am I doing my best? Am I fulfilling my clients vision? Am I doing all that I can to ensure their guests are being taken care of?

And sure, there has been a bad day or two, where it has been harder to do the above. There have been some weddings that were more challenging to organize than normal. But at the end of the event, I can always look back and say, I did my best. And if something went wrong or not according to plan, I was always able to find a solution and get the event back on track.

So today, I’d like to share just a few Yelp reviews that have made me so grateful to have worked with such amazing clients. Hearing their critic after their wedding is the best feeling in the world. To everyone whom I’ve worked with over the past 5 years, Thank You!!!


Screenshot 2015-11-04 11.27.17



My husband and I got married on February 21, 2015. Juliette was our day of wedding coordinator for our 250 guest count wedding. Saying she was our ‘day of’ would not do her justice. She was more like our month of coordinator.

Initially I thought I could handle all the wedding planning and coordinating myself. Yes, I was one of those ‘I can do all’ types of brides. As the wedding day grew closer, I started feeling the pressure of all the task I would have to worry about on the wedding day. After much thought my husband insisted we hire a wedding coordinator as he knew I would be extremely stressed come our wedding day. Although hiring a wedding coordinator seemed to be an added expense to an already expensive wedding, we would learn that Juliette was well worth every penny and so much more.

We had interviewed with several other wedding planners in the San Diego area. Most were either outrageously expensive, while others had so many restrictions. I started to wonder if we would ever find someone who could meet our needs. After doing some serious web searching, I finally found Simply Elegant Wedding Planning. Juliette responded to my email that same day and we met a few days later. After about five minutes into our meeting my husband and I knew she was PERFECT! Juliette was extremely professional, polite, organized, flexible, and easy to work with.

From the moment we met with Juliette she was there for us every step of the way. We needed to meet with several vendors and Juliette was happy to join as she wanted to be as involved as possible. Seeing her work with all the vendors made the days leading up to the wedding go by very smoothly. With my consent, she answered all vendors’ questions and would always refer back to me for approval. Juliette was so polite and never overstepped.  She’s very sweet but will not hesitate to take control (like getting my rowdy wedding party to listen). Unlike most wedding coordinators Juliette was present for the entire day, and our wedding was an all-day affair. She made sure we had time to eat dinner and always made sure we had a cocktail in hand (including water to hydrate).

Looking back, I now know my husband and I would have been very stressed on our wedding day without Juliette’s help. Not only was I able to truly enjoy the day but so was my mom and my bridesmaids. My husband and I did not want our families to worry about all the big and small details that come with the wedding day. They shouldn’t have to work, they too should be able to enjoy the day. Everyone had an amazing time and my husband and I could not stop thanking Juliette at the end of the night. Hiring Juliette as our wedding coordinator was the best decision we made.

Lindsay:Screenshot 2015-11-04 11.27.17

Juliette and her team are incredible!  My husband and I were married May 9, 2015 outside at his parents home which conveniently coincided with one of the wettest weeks in San Diego.  Juliette gave me complete confidence that even extremely wet weather wouldn’t detour our wedding from being incredible!!  AND SHE WAS RIGHT!

From setting up a detailed wedding week itinerary and making sure all members involved were constantly informed of changes to taking care of setting up the whole venue with our team of vendors to personally setting up our table decorations and settings Juliette made our day beautiful.  Walking up to our wedding was truly from my dreams and brought tears to my eyes the second I saw it.

On top of creating a venue and wedding that was beautiful and from my fantasy, Juliette and her team made the whole event incredible.  We had her assistants always right within reach to touch base and see how we were doing, grab us a food, or hand us that sip of water that we didn’t even know we needed.  There was nothing better than being able to hand off worries and concerns completely to Juliette the day of our wedding so that we could just enjoy it and feel the love.
Thank you Juliette for making our day the best day of our lives so far!


Screenshot 2015-11-04 11.27.17

Juliette is a fantastic wedding coordinator!  Organized, helpful and responsible with a sense of calm that can put any bridezilla at ease.  My wife and I did most of the detailed “planning” ourselves, but Juliette was excellent at organizing and handling our vendors, and running the show on our big day.  She’s a sweetheart with a passion for weddings, and we were lucky to have her as part of our team!


Screenshot 2015-11-04 11.27.17

My wedding was unforgettable, full of surprises, and eventful.   My husband and I hired Juliette as our month of/day of coordinator for our wedding August 2, 2014.  She was easy to work with, understanding, and very professional.  She kept reminding me to stay focus on everything positive.   Weeks leading up to our wedding was a bit stressful… to sum it up, I had a MOMZILLA.. whom had a lot of opinions and special request.  From seating chart, to types of invitations, and what liquor I was able to have at my own wedding.   Juliette had a handful of personalities to deal with, especially because we had a huge 300+ guest count wedding.
Who knew it could rain in August?   Well… it did.  The first Saturday of this month it started to rain.   After a rough rehearsal the night before, the only thing that would make myself and my husband happy is a perfect wedding.   Our ceremony was at Loews Coronado outside of the terrace.   Before I made my grand entrance… the entire wedding had to be moved indoors.  Juliette moved everyone.. guest, vendors, and even flowers to a new spot inside the hotel.   It turned out amazingly beautiful and unexpected.   We’d end up having an even better location upstairs with ocean bay view.   It was unforgettable.
Did I mentioned that my husband has a sweet tooth?  I had Juliette pick up Krispy Cream Donuts to stuff in my kraft bag give-a-way favors to all my guest for attending the ceremony.  She did it the morning of the wedding so that the donuts would be fresh that day.  She even stopped by the bridal suite to drop off donuts and coffee for me while we got ready in the AM.
Juliette provided a detail timeline weeks before the wedding and contacted all the vendors for us prior so that we would be able to relax week of our wedding.   We really appreciate the extra professional help.   Planning for a wedding is extremely hard and expensive.  While budgeting for your wedding, spending a little cash for a coordinator makes a big different in your experience on your wedding day.   I would recommend Juliette’s services to all my friends.  If you need someone to vent to as well, she’s the gal for you; she will not judge you.  She did a fabulous job under all the stress that comes with planning a wedding.  She took care of everything that was unexpected and followed through with all my expectations.  Thank you so much!