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wine bottles

Wine bottles have to be one of the easiest and most affordable make shift vases to use for your wedding decor. They are perfect for centerpieces, table numbers, candlesticks, you name it! But, let’s face it, those beautiful labels are unwanted clutter once the bottles are empty. You know if you try to just peal it off slowly, the whole process will be ruined! So how do they come off so you can achieve such decorative versatility? Let me show you!

Like you I typed into google, “how to remove wine labels.” I tried baking them, Fail! I tried dipping them in hot water, Fail! I tried nail polish remover, Fail! I even tried pouring Goo Gone straight on the sticker and let it set 5 minutes. And guess what, another Fail! This is what I found that works the best! Keeping in mind, it is still work and not magic!

step 1

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Collect more bottles than you think you will need. This method works the best, but it is not fool proof. I think it has to do with the type of glue or maybe the type of paper used, but some labels are not going to come off. Where to get free wine bottles. I suggest contacting a wine bar in your area. They are sure to have empties at the end of the evening. Ask them to set them aside for you instead of throwing them in the dumpster right away.                    Free and Green, can’t beat that!

step 2

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Get out your biggest pot and fill with water. Heat up the water, not boiling, but really hot! Fill the bottles with warm water from your sink, about 3/4 the way full. Place a couple bottles in the pot at once, to speed up the process. Let them simmer in the hot water and steam for 4-7 minutes. Pull one bottle out of the water (don’t forget a heat mitt), and immediately use a razor blade to peal a corner of the label. Once the corner lifts off easily with no sticky or paper residue, carefully peel the label back. Remember the bottle is hot! If you start to peal off the corner and it is not a clean peal from the start, stop trying to peel right away. Put the bottle back in the pot of water for another minute or two. This should help it to come off without leaving stuff on the bottle.

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Step 3

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Like I said, this is not fool proof! You will occasionally get some stickiness that wont come off. For this part, make sure you do have some Goo Gone handy. Set the bottle aside and let it cool for a while.                                     Then pour some Goo Gone on a paper towel, and scrub as fast as you can to get the stickiness off.

Step 4

Inset a candle or flowers, wrap them in lace or yarn, paint them, draw on them. The options are endless! Enjoy!

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Happy Planning!