Newborn Party

Newborn Parties


Some of you might be thinking, what the heck is a newborn party???

Newborn parties can be thrown for any child! However, they are designed for families who already have a kid, and maybe this this your second, third, or eighth pregnancy. You might not need a whole baby shower all over again, with the abundance of gifts and the crazy games! If you don’t need a shower, we’ve designed a new party just for you! A Newborn Party!

The main focus of a Newborn party is introducing your baby to your extended family and some close friends. Instead of being bombarded with multiple visits from all different family members throughout the first few weeks of the child’s life; Instead of constantly stressing over picking up for your next guest who is stopping by to meet the new baby; Throw a party for everyone to meet the child all at once!

This party package includes:

  • A professional photographer (to get all those super important generational photos)- Your family will be amazed at your planning skills and will be SO impressed that you got a professional! Everyone say, Family Portraits!!!
  • light decorations and set up
  • If you would like this party hosted in your home, you can choose to have a cleaning service come either BEFORE or AFTER the celebration!
  • On top of that all that, we will even coordinate catering if you wish!


We like to plan these parties for 3 weeks after your estimated due date. In case the little booger decides to stay in for that extra week, you will still have 2 weeks to enjoy and get used to life as a bigger family, before introducing he or she to the rest of your world! 


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